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Produktcode: T01050505-001.10

Mercedes X-Class Aluminium Rollcover

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One 100% Handmade Aluminum Trunk Roller Shutter for Mercedes X-Class. Product made of the highest quality raw materials



New, high-quality anti-burglary central locking Insurance

installation for vehicles with and without cargo box lining.

Easy, no drilling required installation

It contributes to the improvement of the vehicle's aerodynamics, which translates into fuel consumption

The compact housing provides greater load capacity in the luggage compartment

The strongest and most durable roller blind on the world market 

The only one with a vinyl surface on aluminum hinges for the best protection against all weather conditions.

Carefully special rubber seat and sealing together with 4 drainage channels (drainage system) provides additional protection against water 



Mercedes Benz X-Class (2018-2020)



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